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Available Now!  The " Perfexion" full-fuse 3D indoor bipe

New!  Check out the build-along thread on Ezone HERE.
Hot!  Video of prototype HERE.

The Perfexion is my latest indoor 3D design.  This thing is an amazingly nice flyer!  It has no KE coupling owing to it's symmetrical surface above and below the thrustline.  It features a full-fuse that is light, very strong and rigid.  The fuse builds up easily using my tried and true "envelope" construction.  Download the build guide below to see how she goes together.  The Perfexion rolls very well - nice and axial - and better than profile-type fuselages.  And, of course, it wouldn't be a RippinFoamies design if it didn't have bullet-proof high-alpha flight.  I'm lovin' the prototypes and have committed the design to CAD so you can download the plans.

  Wingspan:  26 inches
  Length:  28 inches
  Weight:  6-6.5 ounces

Recommended Gear:
  Motor:  AXI 2204/54 (25.9 grams)
  RX:  Berg/Castle Microstamp 4L (6 grams)
  ESC:  Castle Phoenix 10 Lite (6 grams)
  Battery:  2-cell 730mah TP (35 grams)
  Prop:  GWS 9x4.7 SloFly
  Servos:  3 required, (4-6 grams each)
  Antenna:  Ecubed R/C micro

What you get:

Detailed CAD drawn plans in full-size PDF format
CAD drawn stencils for Perfexion scheme in PDF format
Build guide of construction techniques in PDF format (download here)

Price:  FREE!

Right click and "save-as"

Some more pictures of the Perfexion:

Some construction photos:

Some photos of the plans and stencils:

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The "Perfexion"

Do it all in a basketball court!
The Perfexion is designed to do it all inside a regular sized basketball court.

Keep it Light!
I have specified recommended gear for this airplane.  Make sure that your gear is the same weight or less.  If you do have heavier stuff, scale up the plans to keep the same wing loading!

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