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The home of free plans for 3D-tested full-fuse DepronŽ foamies!

The founder of this site was unfortunately killed in an auto accident in March 2008 at the age of 44.    John was a great r/c instructor, a talented 3D pilot, a prolific designer and builder, and a great friend.  His love for airplanes started when he was very young and creating great-flying warbird gliders from manila folders, complete with insignia drawn with markers.  He was out of modeling for many years to get Bachelor's and Master's degrees in electrical engineering, and an MBA in Marketing. Once he got into r/c in 1998, there was no stopping him: he soloed after only a few flights on a buddy box, got into aerobatics, 3D, helicopters, foamies, and original designs.  I am his brother and he taught me to fly.  I'll miss talking with him about his new planes and watching him fly.  He had a special gift and enjoyed sharing it.  In that spirit, I'll keep this site up as a tribute to him.  Feel free to drop me a line and let me know if you enjoy his designs.  Thanks for visiting and enjoy the site.  Below is John with a Jim Ryan-designed P-47 he built.  Jim Cramer has de-commercialized and is now offering everything free.  That's right, free!  Except for the Jennifer Aniston T-shirts - but that was a joke from the beginning which most people didn't get :-). 

From now on this is a just for fun site to share my designs and spout-off my special brand of BS.  If you do build one of my designs, please send me a picture for the gallery!

Best regards,

John Cramer
President and Chief 3D Test Pilot


New !  The big and beautiful Perfexion Outdoor 3D foamy bipe is available now here.
New! See the Ezone Perfexion Outdoor build-along thread here!

Available now!  The Perfexion indoor 3D foamy bipe here.
New!  Perfexion Indoor build-along thread on EZone!  See it here.

New!  Video of the Perfexion protoype is here!

Also available - Rippin' Foamies "Football" - a full-fuse indoor 3D Depron foamie shown in "Stars and Stripes" and "Bill Barber" paint scheme.



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Hot!  Perfexion Outdoor  Video!

Hot!  Perfexion Indoor Video!

Perfexion OD Build-Along Thread on Ezone!

Perfexion Build-Along Thread on Ezone!

Free Indoor 3D Yak-54 plans available for download!

Blade CP Brushless Hop-Up..Wow!

No more AA cells needed for your Efilte Blade CP TX!

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