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Put the Energizer Bunny out of business!

Picture of flattened pack nestled in dry-cell battery tray.

Are you tired of buying AA cells for your Eflite Blade?  I ran Lipos on my Blade from the get go and the 650 mah NiMH 8-cell flight pack was just sitting around.  I couldn't let it go to waste!  And I certainly did not want to buy 8 dry cells.

Here is what I did.  I simply split the pack into 2 x 4 cell units.  I then re-soldered the two units into on 8-cell flat pack.  I then recovered the pack with heat-shrink and soldered in a JST connector to the red/black power leads of the battery tray.  I also jumped the D2 diode with fuse-able fine wire so I could use a peak-detect charger through the charge jack.  I did have to purchase a Futaba-to-JR charge jack since all of my other stuff is Futaba.

Eureka!  A new rechargeable TX for your Blade!



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Hot Tip
Transfer foamie plans to posterboard by placing face down and wiping wtih acetone!

Glue your Servos
The best way to mount your servos to foam is with hot-melt glue.  It holds great and peels off later.

Tell me your DIY foamie tips!.

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