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Available Now!  The " Perfexion OD" full-fuse 3D Outdoor bipe!

New!  Check out the build-along thread on Ezone HERE.

Hot!  Videos of prototype (right click and "save as"):
     1.  Precision - slow roll, one and a half snap, H-to-H knife edge 1,
                               H-to-H knife edge 2, KE loops.
     2.  3D - Torque roll, inverted HA, rolling 8.

The Perfexion OD (POD) is my latest outdoor 3D design and man is it a great flyer!  It was inspired by my successful indoor design, but I made many changes to make it more suitable for outdoor flight.  The first thing I did was add some sweep to the wings for better wind penetration and less "pitchy-ness" at speed.  I made some other proportional changes as well.  The construction is similar to the indoor models and results in a very strong and very stiff structure.

The results are excellent.  This thing flies like a .25-sized glow ship.  It can penetrate moderate winds and maintain speed and momentum.  It rolls very fast and axially.  The knife edge coupling is almost non-existent - no mixes required.  It is precise yet 3D's like a champ.  In short, it is the most enjoyable airplane I have ever flown - period.

Some of the cool things that you can do with the POD are the knife-edge wall.  Yep, just get her charging WOT straight ahead, roll to knife-edge, and slam full top rudder while chopping the throttle.  She'll pop up and start sliding sideways - cool!  Very high-alpha rolling harriers are also a joy as she'll stay rolling and controllable at very slow speeds and very high AOAs.  Another thing is precision.  I can do a horizon to horizon slow roll with her.  Try that with a your typical profile fuse foamie!  She flies big - like a glow ship - without the bad habits.

I'm lovin' my Perfexion OD.  She looks great and flies "big."

  Wingspan:  33 inches
  Length:  35.5 inches
  Weight:  16 ounces

Recommended Gear:
  Motor:  150-200 watt outrunnner (approx. 2.25 ounces)
  RX:  Berg/Castle 5 channel (10 grams)
  ESC:  Castle Phoenix 10 Lite (6 grams)
  Battery:  3-cell 1300mah Lipo (2.5 ounces)
  Prop:  APC 11 x 4.7 SF
  Servos:  4 required, (9 grams each, 12-oz./in torque)
  Antenna:  stock

What you get:

Detailed CAD drawn plans in full-size PDF format including stencil drawings for paint scheme
Build guide of construction techniques in PDF format (download here)

Price:  FREE! Note: Plans say 3mm Depron, they should show 6mm Depron.

Right click and "save-as"

Some more pictures of the Perfexion:

Some construction photos:



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The "Perfexion OD"

It flies "Big"!
The Perfexion OD is designed to fly like a bigger glow ship without the hassle. 

Precise, and 3D!
This ship can do a horizon to horizon slow roll and yet 3D like a fiend.  It is the best flying airplane that I have!

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